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Gaudeamus is a Catholic faith-based ensemble of professional musicians with a passion for sharing our God-given talent through concerts and recordings to help those in need.  Gaudeamus is pleased to announce that our 2022 Christmas Concert series raised $52,000. Donations were made to the following charitable organizations:

$28,700  -  Vera’s Village 

$20,000  -  The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Neuro Oncology Unit 

$3,000   -   Our Lady of Guadalupe selected charities

If you would like to make a donation for the benefit of Gaudeamus or one of the charities we support, please mail a check made payable to Gaudeamus to the address below. (Please notate on your check which charity you would like to support).  GAUDEAMUS-  P.O. Box 8 Blue Bell, PA 19422

You can also make a donation using Venmo-  @letusrejoice

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